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 Taken from her mom at age three, Ashley spent most of her childhood living in fourteen different foster homes--some nice, some not, and one that was very abusive. Her indomitable will to survive carried her through her toughest days. Ashley was finally adopted at the age of twelve and ent on to become a success story. 

But for Ashley. her happy ending is really just the beginning. Without a map for the road ahead, she struggles to negotiate a dark past with a bright future. Because even when you don't define yourself by our past, the past still very much shapes who you are. Learning to depend on people other then herself and opening her heart up to vulnerability--and, ultimately, to love-- becomes her new great challenge. 

In this inspiring follow-up to the New York Times bestselling memoir Three Little Words, Ashley Rhodes-Courter show the healing power of love and the amazing strength of the human spirit. When someone experiences a traumatic childhood, the story is never truly over. Ashley has Three More Words to share. 

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