Sandra Claus (Douglas Clark Hollmann) | ADOPTION GIFTS, ADOPTION CHILDREN'S BOOKS

  • $14.95

Sandra Claus is a 48 page fully illustrated book that tells the story of what happens when an angel delivers a tiny baby girl to the North Pole where she is adopted by Santa and Mrs. Claus. They name her Sandra, who comes up with the idea of bringing Christmas to the animals.  But how will she deliver her presents? Santa’s sleigh is full of toys for children. The angel comes back to give Sandra a sleigh, but who will pull it? Mice-deer, of course. The illustrator is the creator of the Pillsbury Doughboy, the covers of countless cereal boxes, as well as many other illustrations over the years.

Sandra Claus comes with a CD in which the narrator, a professional audio artist, narrates the story so kids can listen to what happens to Sandra while they turn the pages of the book.

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