Adoption Story: Half a World Away

Half a World Away (Cynthia Kadohata) [Paperback] | Adoption Gifts, Adoption Books

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Electricity: The flowing pf electromagnetic particles

It creates lightning. Turns on the TV. Generates power. 

A microscopic current, something we cannot see, that connects us all. The concept fascinates twelve-year-old Jaden, but what he can't understand is this: He doesn't feel connected to anyone. So he lights fires. Hoards food. Steals. Runs until his anger beats him to the ground. His biological mother didn't want him, and while his adoptive parents say they love him, Jaden feels...nothing. Or, something, actually. Like an epic fail. And now they want to adopt a new kid, so they pack up and fly with Jaden halfway around the world to get one. 

In Kazakhstan, Jaden's smoldering anger flares.

He knows what will happen next. 

Or does he?  

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