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 Leon is nine years old. He loves chocolate bars, Saturday morning cartoons, and his beautiful golden-haired baby half brother. From the moment Jake is born, Leon is determined to protect him, but when their mother is unable to be a parent and their fathers are nowhere to be found, Leon and Jake fall under the care of the state. Jake, due to age and skin color, is adopted, while darker skinned Leon is placed with a doting but ailing foster mother, Maureen. Though he enjoys his new life, Leon remains desperate to put his family together, and as he embarks on a quest to reunite with Jake, he meets an unforgettable cast of characters that includes Maureen's cranky and hilarious sister, Sylvia; a social worker known only as "the Zebra"; and a community of local gardeners and West Indian political activists. With their help, Leon learns about the power of love, the unbreakable bond between brothers, and the truth about what makes a family. Tender, vivid, and uplifting, My Name is Leon is a tale that will capture your imagination and steal your heart. 


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