Adoption Book: Parenting Your Internationally Adopted Child

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Your internationally adopted child has different needs. 

So demonstrates Patty Cogen, who for the past decade has studied the adjustment and development of internationally adopted children and advised their often-mystified adoptive parents. In Parenting Your Internationally Adopted Child, Dr. Cogen explains how and why to: 

  • help a child cope with grief over the loss of everything and everyone familiar
  • tell the child's adoption story from the child's rather than the parents' point of view;
  • understand the ways in which a child's development may begin at adoption
  • handle sleeptime, mealtime, and discipline problems;
  • foster identity and independence in pre-teens and teens;

and so much more. With advice on language and school difficulties and the development of self control and independence, Cogen guides adoptive parents from preparations fro a child's arrival all the way through the teen years. 

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