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Whether you choose to pursue independent, agency, or international adoption, The Complete Adoption Book is the most comprehensive and authoritative adoption book you can use to guide you through the process - from deciding if adoption is right for you to budgeting your expenses and interviewing birth mothers. 

As adoption professionals and adoptive parents, authors Laura Beauvais-Godwin and Raymond Godwin bring an unparalleled level of expertise and compassion to every situation an adopting parent is likely to encounter. The information provided in The Complete Adoption Book includes:

  • Information about every kind of adoption - from family adoption to independent and from agency to international
  • All contact information required for agencies, attorneys, and support groups
  • State-by-state guide for completing legal adoptions
  • A step-by-step guide to the home study

The Complete Adoption Book puts control back in your hands and places you on the right track for securing the family you've always wanted quickly, legally, and with few complications. 

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