Adoption Book: Adopting in America

Adopting in America: How to Adopt Within One Year (Randall B. Hicks) | Adoption Gifts, Adoption Books

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[Back Cover Excerpt]

  • Fully explains fourteen types of adoption 
  • How to do an independent (non-agency) adoption - how most newborns are adopted
  • Keys to selecting the best attorney or agency
  • Reviews each state's unique adoption laws and procedures (When is the consent signed by the birth mother? Can she change her mind? Can non-residents adopt from the state? Etc.)
  • How to receive the federal adoption tax credit - perhaps paying for your entire adoption
  • Special strategies to quickly locating a birth mother to select you for a newborn adoption
  • How to obtain free medical care for the baby's birth
  • Spot red flags indicating a risky adoption
  • Keys to international adoption and selecting the right country
  • Lists over 300 adoption attorneys nationwide, with details of their experience

 Adoption books are a great resource to help guide you through the process of adoption.  This book is a great guide and gives you a basic overview of how adopting in America works.

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