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Back Cover Excerpt: 

Over time, all families change. Sometimes when families have big problems, they need to change so the kids will be safe. 

A child's family might change from a birth family to a foster family or an adoptive family. That kind of change can be hard on kids. They may believe that the change is their fault. They may worry about their birth parents and they may wonder if they can trust the new adults in their life. 

This book can help children and families through this difficult change. The first part is meant to be read and shared with children. Simple words and realistic color illustrations tell and show why some kids get new foster parents or new adopted mom or dads. The second part includes information and resources for adults who work to keep safe: parents and other family adults foster parents, social workers, teachers and caregivers. 

With the support of caring adults, children who experience termination of parental rights can move from the pain of the past to the promise of the future. 

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